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Which book that you've read would make a great movie, and why? Who would you pick to play the main characters?

Let's play a game.
What's Stephanie's favourite book? You know, the one that doesn't start with "Harry Potter and the..." or take place in an Alabama boarding school?
That's right.
The Gatsby!
I nearly DIED when I saw that Baz Luhrmann is adapting the book to the screen! There's no such thing as a good Gatsby adaptation so far, and I'm sure this one will have its faults, but still. I HAVE A GATSBY FILM TO ANTICIPATE! Even if it's along the lines of Moulin Rouge! and Australia I will find a way to appreciate a glammed up, sensationalised version. All I pray is that Luhrmann pays strict attention to detail - HA! I do worry. This is a story which could do so damned well onscreen. The potential for sartorial, musical, emotional, and delicate beauty is all there. I wish I could be back in Grade 11 next year and discuss this film ad nauseum with my classmates. Or back in that adaptation class at uni! I don't know who on earth would come see this film with me, but you can guarantee I will be leaning forward in my seat, stunned into silent awe, or even horror. It will be MARVELOUS.
But then, good lord, then...
I found out some awful, horrendous, I'd-rather-go-blind-than-read-this news.
Have you seen the cast list?! It's a bleeding nightmare. Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby himself? REALLY?! I don't mind the man, no, and he's a far cry from being a bad actor. (Hello Revolutionary Road a.k.a. the Gatsby of the 1950s!) But I cannot see how his girly little voice and childish face will suit such a deep character at all. How can you get away with saying "ol' sport" when you sound and look like eunuch? Argh. And Ben Affleck as Tom Buchanan? I have a soft spot in my heart for Ben, being my first Hollywood crush, but the man is not an acting savant. Still, I have hope that he'll pull out all the stops for Tom, a role he undoubtedly has potential for. A rumoured Hayley Attwell as Jordan? Passable. Her duck-like face and unsympathetic acting may suit the bland, lesbian-esque (I LOVE YOU WOOD) character. Fine. Carey Mulligan as Daisy? I've never seen the girl do full-on adult characters, but aside from that she's a GENIUS choice. Daisy is easily the most frustrating and dimensional character, I think this could be Mulligan's oeuvre. Just please honey, practice your American accent.
No, the real tragedy - and it is a tragedy - is Luhrmann's crackpot idea that Tobey fucking Maguire will be a good Nick Carraway. I mean, come on. It's no great secret that possibly my least favourite film of all time is Spiderman. I have never in my long history of film-watching seen Tobey act anything with conviction, let alone empathy or grit. I want to weep at the idea of him as Nick, the flawed man who is narrating this whole beautiful story. JUST WEEP.

Summary? The idea of a 2012 film adaptation of one of my favourite novels of all time both fills me with delight and the darkest dread. I never even felt this strongly about the Harry Potter films! I did a whole lovely course on book>film adaptation. I know the risks, I know that critically-speaking, an adaptation cannot be better or worse only different. I'm sure I'll both reproach and exonerate it. But if you dare to adapt this story, of all stories, in any kind of earnest way - please, please Mr Luhrmann, do it right!

[In answering the original question... I'd love to see adaptations of David Nicholls' One Day, Diana Gabaldon's Outlander, and F. Scott Fitzgerald's This Side of Paradise. But mostly the first one. I think One Day would be incredibly moving and bittersweetly hilarious onscreen, though don't ask who could play Em and Dex!]
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1. If you could, which castle would you like to live in?

A: Neuschwanstein Castle. Most photographed building in the world, bitches! And it's gloriously Deutsch. Closely follwed by Mont Saint-Michel and Bran Castle.

2. What is your favorite board game?
A: Clue

3. Do you collect anything?
A: I did collect dice of all sorts.

4. Five things you can touch right now without getting up.
A: mobile, novel, facial cleansing wipes, webcam, best alarm clock ever

5. You have to be somewhere on the fourth floor of a building. Do you take the lift/elevator?
A: I can't remember the last time I was in a lift.

6. How do you feel about your reflection?
A: I'm a hugely vain person. Any shiny surface and I'm checking myself out. Not cos I think I'm gorgeous or anything, but more because I'm a little OCD and a hair out of place or smudged eyeliner drives me to the brink.

7. What are you thinking about right now?
A: I would love to fall asleep before midnight just once.

8. Write the first word that comes to mind.
A: piano

9. Dog person or cat person?
A: Caaaaaats

10. If you came across $2,000 (or other currency) would you keep it or turn it in?
A: If there was ID, I'd have it returned. If not, I'd keep it.

11. What was the last thing that you bought?
A: Phew. Grocery shopping: Ben & Jerry's Baked Alaska, cranberry juice, Ryvita, sundried tomato and basil cream cheese, Bavarian smoked cheese, Wharburton's farmhouse bread, plums, snap peas, window cleaner, lemons, a loaf tin, flour, butter, Nutrigrain bars... Damn, I'm surprised I can remember this much!

12. If you could afford to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
A: At this minute? Lester B. Pearson airport. Anywhere else? Marrakesh. We've crossed off Athens, which means we're coming for you, Moroccans!

13. Where do you see yourself in five years?
A: Teaching? Flight Attending? Big questions. But hopefully still in England having a jolly good time with me Christoph.

14. Last book you've read?
A: The Children by Edith Wharton

15. What are you doing this weekend?
A: Going to Londontown! Finding a good dinner, seeing a play in the West End, staying in a hostel, going to the Natural History Museum, then coming back north. On Sunday? Work work work with Baby James at M2.

16. If you could play any musical instrument, which one would you play?
A: The harp

17. What is your favorite cuisine?
A: If you don't know this by now...
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i'm waiting for Dave to come online so we can have a long overdue talk. in the meantime, i felt like doing a brainless meme, so i scoured my own archives to find an old one i can repeat.
for humour's sake, compare these answers to the ones of December 29, 2004:

[ The Tired Introductions… ]

These answers belong to: Stephanie
Who is around the age of: 21
Which makes them a/an: young woman
Who can be found at/in: York

[ The Past… ]

Your first best friend was named: Nicky
You’ve moved this many times: err... London>Pickering>Mississauga>Burlington>Toronto>York (and back and forth between the last three a bunch! of times)
You first word was: ?
Your first swear word was: shit
Your first job was: babysitting my cousins
Favorite TV shows as a kid: Magic School Bus, Kratt's Creatures
Favorite books as a kid: Good Families Don't, Ella Enchanted
Favorite movies as a kid: The Aristocats
Favorite foods as a kid: cucumber, peanut butter
Favorite toys as a kid: round thing that you pull the lever of, and the arrow spins, hits an animal and makes the according noise
Favorite videogames as a kid: /

[ The Present… ]

Your current best friend is named: Chris (or alternately, Dave)
Your significant other is named: Chris
Current Job: unemployed! but trying so hard...
Current Obsessions: Mad Men, Marilyn Monroe, Accessorize jewellery, etc.
Current Annoyances: being unemployed, Xbox Madden, having a too-small fridge, etc.
Favorite TV shows: Mad Men, Grey's Anatomy, Lewis, etc.
Favorite books: the usual suspects - The Great Gatsby, Looking for Alaska, etc.
Favorite movies: the usuals - Dead Poets Society, Casablanca, Elizabethtown, etc.
Favorite foods: goat's cheese and caramelized onion tortellini, camembert and cranberry chicken burgers, lamb gyros
Toys: /
Favorite videogames: /

[ The Future… ]

Where you see yourself next year: oh man, i have absolutely no idea
In two years: London-area? in some big city, possibly, with whatever job and Christoph
In five years: teaching some snot-nosed brats at a grammar school? would be nice
In twenty years: married, in some Canadian suburbs, with three teenage-ish kids
In fifty years: still married (hopefully) in a little flat somewhere near one of my kids
Future son’s name: Liam, Ben, Tomas, take your pick
Future daughter’s name: Erika, Hero, Arianna, take your pick
How the world will probably end: the sun will go out, slowly depriving us of its heat and gravitational pull
What happens after you die: nada

[ Your Views On… ]

Organized religion: opiate of the masses
Child sponsorship: if you think it helps, go for it
Subliminal messages in music: mindless propaganda
Abortion: for it
Adoption: if you want to
Gay Marriage: for it
Euthanasia: on humans? i say yes - if they agree to it or are in desperation
Underage drinking: sure, it's your life to fuck up
Artistic Censorship: not as big of an issue as people like to make of it?
The one-child policy: a seriously good idea
Vegetarianism: eh
Atheism: has more going for it than any other possibility
Pornography: is alright, within reason
Racial profiling: sad, but near impossible to get rid of
Hunting for sport: sick, very sick
“Happy Holidays” vs. “Merry Christmas”: Merry Christmas! (there's a reason I'm in England...)

[ Your friends… ]

Most likely to owe you $10 in the not so distant future: Chris, haha, but we don't pay each other back
Most likely to end up stranded at an airport somewhere: err, me
Most likely to end up in jail and call you to bail them out: Jordan
Most spoiled: Arthur
Most selfless: Dave
Could very well be secretly gay: ooh, definitely Jack
Has the best house: still me!
Has the best clothes: Sarah Hurcomb
Has the best taste in music: Jack
Is the most gullible: Dutchie
Full of the useless information: Arthur
Knows secrets about you no one else does: Chris
Has seen you cry: all of them
Has cried with you: most of the women
Has seen you drunk: all of them
Has been drunk with you: all of them?
Acts most like their zodiac sign: ?
Acts least like their zodiac sign: ?
If you had to, you’d switch wardrobes with: Harriet
If you had to, you’d switch families with: Danilo
If you had to, you’d switch houses with: our student house for Vicki and Harriet's

[ The Beginning of the End… ]

How you take your coffee: black
How you take your tea: bit of sugar
How you take your liquor: straight (oh shit, rum!)
The most wonderful time of the year: beginning of school year
I’d rather be: employed
My other car is a: Volkswagen
Honk if you’re: Canadian
Your personal icons or heros: JK Rowling
Girls are made of: mascara, maxi dresses, and turquoise jewellery
Boys are made of: canvas shoes, curry, and guitar strings
Three words describing the person you took this from: me or Dee? 
Your dream pet: Shetland Sheepdog puppy, or a thick, chubby orange cat
Your dream vacation: england (might go!) i went! holy crap, how did my life get here... now my dream vacation is: Egypt?
Your dream job: fiction editor
Do you even know what Harajuku is?: yes
How about Harakiiri?: still no
* * *
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i've set up a new journal to maintain while in England. i'll still be using this one for various bits and bobs, but henceforth most of my updates will be on the new site. (it's too hard to let go of the great communities i'm already a part of!)
leave a comment, and i'll respond with the new link! LJ friends welcome to follow, by all means.
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well, i arrived. things are more or less how i imagined them to be, which has caused me to believe that this can't be real. yesterday was a blurry mess, so i'm hoping today will be better. the flight to Glasgow went well enough. then the very(!) long train journey from Paisley Gilmour Street to York was agonizing. all i wanted to do was sleep! i woke up in Burlington at 8:30, left the house at 1:30, flew at 5:30, arrived in England at 4:30 (11:30pm), and got to York at 12 (7am). arrived at the house with Chris, then got my room a little sorted, took a shower, and napped for several hours.
our house is a strange one. there are some things about the UK i'm not too pleased about, stuff i'd forgotten since living here. but mostly it's alright and we'll make do. there is:
- a sliding, translucent bathroom door which doesn't lock
- a shower and a stove you need to "switch" on
- a tiny fridge
- a Welshman sleeping in (what is not yet) Jack's room
- a greasy take-away place next door
- a fresh vegetable store, a Spar, an Indian take-away, and a taxi company all across the street
- a shoebox instead of my room
- no sockets in the bathroom, and only two in my room
- my closet is outside my room
- two televisions, neither of which are working
- two microwaves
Chris is convinced that i'm miserable, even when i'm not. it just takes getting used to. receiving sweet emails from friends and family back home doesn't necessarily help either. nor does the fact that i've got to go out today and start spending money here! need groceries, a hair dryer, a decent mirror, and an extension bar. i don't feel as though i live here yet - it will take some time. it's as if i'm going to wake up back in the basement at home any time now, and none of this will have happened.
i did see Dutchie yesterday too, incidentally. along with Vicki and Harriet - yay. it was nice to give her a big hug, but it felt more natural than surreal that she was sitting in front of me. i wish we had more time to kind of really talk, but she's leaving soon. i'll have to take what i can get. Lee was at the house too, naturally, and i got lots of hugs. oh, and of course Arthur and Hannah. my English social life is slowly forming, but i suppose it'll take awhile to feel as comfortable as it used to.
right now? all i want to do is crawl back into bed. but as it is, i've got to finish breakfast and get into the shower. tonight i'm going into town with the girls to do god knows what (hopefully rediscover my love for this city) and later in the evening everyone's gathering to watch the Netherlands v. Uruguay game (it's on at 7:30 here!) at some pub or other. a lady on the train asked me if i was going to have a big celebratory night out, but i answered, quite honestly, no. this is not some holiday, it's the rest of my life. i want to ease into it peacefully.
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my last post on Canadian soil? looks like it, darlings.
i can't even begin to type out my emotions. while Dave and Danilo - the latter in particular has a habit of getting wasted every time i leave the country, haha - are out partying it up, while Christoph is napping in our new house, while my parents attempt a restful night's sleep, while my kitties snooze unawares, i'm here in the basement, struggling to shut my mind down.
my flight leaves at 5:15 tomorrow evening - think of me! until then, i'll be throwing together all these last minute things. my suitcases - surprise surprise - aren't zipped yet and may have to be redone entirely. i have to pick up some last paycheques. i want to have a nice peaceful last Sunday breakfast with my parents. it is going to be a very, very long day. i really do need to sleep now. but my mind can't help but race with all these thoughts! it's a horrific thing to do, moving away from an (almost) perfect life.
there are a few things i want to remember about today, so i'll leave a brief list for my future self:

- waking up to watch Germany kick Maradona's Argentina's asses right out of South Africa
- jumping into the cold pool one last time
- running around in whatever outfit i could throw together (i.e. what i wasn't bringing)
- feeling guilty for lying to Patrick (from Swiss Chalet) even if it's for his own good
- standing on the edge of the deck, wrapped in a towel, trying not to drip the juice from a fresh nectarine all down myself
- squeezing a grumpy Mikesh a million times
- having a delicious barbecued burgers for a "last supper" with my parents and Nikki, delighting in the "we're in denial!" speech
- watching three episodes of Cold Feet with my parents while drinking champagne
- lying on my parents' bed as Mom tells me about when her dad died
- phoning Dave and Danilo as they get ready to go out, with tears in my eyes for the thought of all the conversations we'll never have
- padding around barefoot in the cool grass so i can smell the huge daisies in our garden

how do you spend your final day in this life? Dave told me i shouldn't be sad because i'm about to begin a chapter of my life which will no doubt be the best ever. as difficult as it may be for me to imagine that anything could top the past four (or more) years - i have to try. i have to believe that what i'm beginning now will be better, it's the only way to sanity. so wish me luck, darlings! i've been fortunate so far, here's to hoping that continues.
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there are no words!!
i did not think Germany would make it this far, but am absolutely thrilled that they have! kicking Argentina straight out of the tournament, hardly batting an eyelash... anything is possible now! this is their finest moment of the tournament so far, and i know that there are millions of Germans worldwide celebrating with the Mannschaft.
what an incredible game. i don't know what happened to Maradona's girls, but they did not perform. don't get me wrong, Messi is an awe-inspiring player, but he hardly stood a chance when he was surrounded by German defense and none of his teammates could break through to help. i was so proud of Müller! what an angel. he did go and get himself booted out of the next match, but he'll be playing in the finals or third-place game, no doubt. Klose reminded the Deutschies why they fell in love with him with his 100th cap and 13th (and 14th) World Cup goals. hear that now? better than Pele! i loved when the camera panned over the stadium, allowing us to see the exuberant German fans. nevermind Mick Jagger, Leonardo DiCaprio or Charlize Theron - did you see Merkel bouncing up and down?! she was more excited than Ballack and Löw combined.
Spain or Paraguay next, i'm not sure how they'll do but the nationalelf have definitely proved their might! to me, this is bigger and better and more indicative of strength than the Netherlands ousting Brazil. Brazil has lost their magic this year, and the Dutchies were given an advantage by one particularly daft Brazilian player (poor guy) yes, but that's nothing compared to how Germany dominated today. i'll have to find me some Germans in York to cheer with, but i cannot wait for Wednesday's match!
[and what kind of state am i in, mentally and emotionally, outside of the soccer? ohhhh, don't even ask. if i think about it, i may crumble to pieces.]

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how did this year's holiday compare to last? well, instead of being the only one i knew celebrating Canada's national holiday, this year i knew i was one of 34 million!
going to Ottawa for Canada Day is always such a good call. i had an amazing, amazing time there. saw my sister, and the awesome place where she's staying, met up with Kit, got friendly with a Mountie, saw the Queen, sang O Canada loud and proud, lunched at the Byward Market, had dinner on Elgin Street, ate beavertails, and watched bee-yoo-tiful fireworks above Parliament Hill. is that patriotic - or what?!
no, it was just so good. and yet, really bittersweet. i've always known my country to the best one in the world - but when you're in that place, with so many like-minded people... it becomes even more evident. and that much harder to leave behind, too.
there's a lot i want to write about, but the great stories will have to wait for one-on-one discussions. i took a heck of a lot of photos, so expect those to be appearing on Facebook when i get a chance. in the mean time, smile at this (political history circa 2008) and this:

I love your women
And your excellent beer.
I love your acceptance
Of the trans, bi and queer.

I love your free healthcare
And socialist ways.
I love that the weather
Will change day to day.

I love you in winter
More often than not.
I love that I know
I will never get shot.

I love smoking pot
While walking outdoors.
I love that you don't
Give a fuck about wars.

From tundra to city,
From East Coast to West,
I'm from Canada, yo
And I'm fucking blessed.
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taking a break from the packing. down to the wire now, there are just a bunch of smaller tasks to do, as well as pack. i've been running around the house most of the day, upstairs downstairs, tripping over cats and only pausing to check the soccer scores. (aww, i just saw a commercial for the CFL - so cute! and still... nothing compared to the World Cup, haha) since my precious laptop died my main source of music has been MuchMoreMusic on tv, haha. especially here at home, in the basement where i just get basic cable, the channel is on as i pack.
after long (and ongoing) obsessions with Dido, Florence and the Machine, Just Jack, Kate Nash, and whoever else, it's about time i found some young Canucks to appreciate!
it hasn't taken long for me to fall in love with Down with Webster. when you find a band of seven cute guys from Toronto who play eclectic, catchy music with clever, cheeky lyrics - i'm sold! Down with Webster is just that. they are SO adorable, and so talented. they were on a tour of the States, but came back to their hometown last Friday. of course, cos i'm busy here i couldn't see them. (damn you, England!) this weekend they're actually playing at CanFest in Port Stanley. (which band knows where Port Stanley is?!) even though it'd be possible to stay over with my aunt for the night there, i don't feel like spending my last night in Canada out partying on the beach, eeek.
as it were, i still love this band. they've proved themselves to be more than one-hit wonders, and i'm very proud that they're Canadian! their music is irresistible, and their videos are pure fun! all seven men ooze charisma, but none more so than the three vocalists: Pat, Cam and Bucky. some would say seven is too many, but it absolutely works for them. makes you wonder why all bands don't have hype men and DJs! personally, Pat is my favourite. i mean, i say that having never met him but watching him sing? mmm... it does something to me. he moves well and has a wonderfully raspy voice. don't think i've ever been so damned attracted to a singer. with seven men to choose from, there's a type of sexiness for every girl to enjoy!
anyway, here are a few of my favourite songs of theirs so you can judge for yourselves. couldn't help adding a few annotations!

oh, gorgeous gorgeous Pat. i could eat him up. and bless Cam for wearing a Jays cap, haha.
1:01 - i LOVE when the background bass kicks in here!
2:12 - Pat Gillett, marry me.
2:32 - these three are too cute! that bounce makes me grin wildly.
3:00 - beeeats

"The doors are open, baby, light my fire." how can you not move to the beat of this? aaaaah, so good. (helps that Pat is sex personified.) can't you imagine how awesome it would be to see them live?! they're supposed to be incredible performers. and i mean really, who brings a brass trio onstage, plus sax? so much fun.

can't help smiling this entire video's duration. i love how the music first kicks in too, full of joy. i saw the making-of video for this, made it look like they had a fun time filming and it endeared me to the individual members of the band.
0:53 - hello, sweet Diggy!
1:05, 1:22 - more Pat-love
2:19 - cutie Cam

less than six days now! today's been quite productive. Sophie's currently running around in awkward agony cos we put a collar on her. i've never seen her so ticked! but if she's anything like Whisky, she'll get used to in a few hours, but god is she funny now. she's wound up all the other cats and Mikesh clawed me quite nicely. but oh, they're so adorabl. i'm going to miss these kitties.
in honour of mine and Down with Webster's glorious nation's upcoming birthday, i've changed my layout to reflect more Canadian colours. no worries, my Nationalelf icon will still be used in football-related posts! thankfully, we'll be back from Ottawa in time to see them give Maradona's boys a run for their money.

PS - know what upstages all this fangirly joy? the amazing new trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. why is November so far awayyyy? am literally bouncing up and down with excitement.
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